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How would you react if someone told you, masturbation can lose weight? Sounds like a too good news may be, however, a woman has a scientific theory that supports this.

does masturbation help lose weight
does masturbation help lose weight

Speaking of men’s Health, cited Saturday, psychologist, and author of the Ramani Durvasula say, masturbation and orgasm help her lose weight to tens of kilos.

To get results like this Dr. Durvasula, all you have to do is not just a diligent-mere masturbation diligently. The method of weight loss through masturbation is done by a system.

When the recently divorced, Dr. Durvasula says he intends to improve her life. One trick is to lose weight and get the body ideal.

The author of the book You Are Why You Eat it says, he exchanged the food-good food (but not healthy) its preferred by other pleasures: masturbation and orgasm.

“It’s human nature to repeat something if it gets in return. I no longer eat the cake, I was masturbating, I get an orgasm–and I’m not eating the cake then connects with an orgasm. Basically, in return it must be satisfying, “he explained.

To ensure this trick work, Dr. Durvasula says, you should not masturbate as you wish. Be sure to masturbate and orgasm you get, just after doing the deed is worthy to be rewarded for example do not eat foods that are not healthy but tasty.

“Most of us eat too much and choosing foods that are bad. But when we pressed the desire to eat something bad, we should switch to something. In my opinion, a certain amount of pleasure shall we get every day. ”

This all came back to us, if we believe that masturbation can lose weight, that certainly when we masturbate the body becomes exhausted because a lot of the calories needed to masturbate. If the weight down may be true but the thought we wouldn’t be healthy because the desire to f*ck us not through a good way through legitimate marriage

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