Are You Losing You Hair?


Humans usually have hair everywhere on the skin except the palms and soles of the feet, though some of the hair is virtually invisible as they are so fine. Hair on the scalp can be modified in any way and they add to the appearance and personality of the people apart from serving many neurological and medical purposes. In order to take proper care of their appearance humans usually, pay great attention to their hair and use various cosmetic products and makeovers to put more to their aesthetics.
Humans lose hair every day but this loss is certain and when this becomes more than usual then it signifies that something wrong is being done with the body or some environmental impact is there. Factors behind hair loss require sound attention in order to ensure that it may be stopped or controlled.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Loss of hair in human is due to a lot of factors that may be caused due to a sedentary lifestyle or due to sudden environmental changes taking place. These reasons must be understood in order to stop or reduce hair loss.

Hormonal Changes

One of the reasons for sudden or gradual hair fall is hormonal changes. Both men and women are prone to these hormonal changes. Women usually lose hair while they are pregnant or when they are in menopause. Hormonal imbalances cause the hair to fall. Men are observed to have a genetic pattern for hair loss and even baldness. The hair lose due to the response of hair follicles to hormones like dihydrotestosterone.


Another hormone that causes hair loss in both men and women is thyroid. This hormone both when is access or deficiency causes hair loss apart from other symptoms that are displayed. It is usually observed that if the thyroid disorder is treated it reverse the hair loss. Therefore any disorder in this hormone must not be simply neglected or ignored.


Medicines usually come up with a lot of side effects including sudden hair loss. The medicines commonly responsible for hair loss include chemotherapy, oral contraceptives, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, beta-blockers etc., although these medicines have a different effect on different people and there might be some exceptions with no side-effect at all from these medicines.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Another critical reason for hair loss is the deficiency of certain nutrients in our body. Nutrients majorly held responsible for hair loss are zinc and iron. Also low intake of fats, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C, copper, selenium and biotin may also cause the hair to fall.


The physical and mental stress is majorly contributing to hair loss. Excessive shedding of hair is observed after surgeries, high fever, blood loss, and many others. Although there is no direct proof of hair loss due to mental stress, it is usually observed that people taking extreme mental stress or anxiety encounter huge hair loss. Even hair loss becomes a reason of stress for so many people. Certain changes in the lifestyle may help at controlling the hair fall. Regular exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition are vital few that can prove better control over hair loss.

Why Do We Have Hair?

Composition Of Hair

Hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin produce a protein called keratin that makes up the hair. The part of hair present outside of the skin usually visible to us is a layer of dead keratin. The color of hair is due to the presence of pigmentation called eumelanin. If it is present in large amount hair are usually darker or otherwise, they are lighter in color. The dark hair is usually less thick as compared to colors lighter in color. This is due to the more eumelanin present in darker hair.

Significance Of Hair

Since ancient time when humans had a body covered with dense layers of hair, a time when clothes had no existence to modern humans having scarce hair then their ancestors, hair served a different purpose for them than for us. Caveman used to have dense thick hair which provided protection to their naked bodies from weather conditions and also protected skin from scratches and cuts. It also served as camouflage for them. Today, hair on our head protect us from the sun, our eyelashes serve as the first layer of protection to our eyes against dust, and bugs etc., dry hair on armpits act as a lubricant and avoid the chafing in legs and arms while moving.
Hair is not only dead keratin cells that act as a protection layer. Apart from serving the purpose of protection from sun, dust and other substances hair play a lot of neurological functions too. Our hair respond to any disturbance from the external environment is quickly detected by our hair and is transmitted to our brain in the form of neurological impulses so that required action can be taken. An example of the statement is the detection of malaria-causing mosquito having the painless bite. As the mosquito usually attacks on legs and hair on legs transmits a signal to the brain to act before it comes in contact with the skin.


Hair is an important and integral part of our body. There is a lot of vital function that our hair performs and excessive hair fall may cause a higher risk of deterioration of health. Hair fall is also the main reason for stress as hair on our head when styled dictates our style and personality. Hair fall is increasing due to an increased level of stress, lack of nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, high level of pollution, side effects of drugs and medicines, hormonal imbalance and so on.
Effective measures must be taken to control the hair fall rather than simply ignoring it. Any kind of hair loss can be reversed provided necessary changes are made, nutrition intake in increased, proper exercise is done and mind is well meditated. Don’t lose hair as the charm may be lost.

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