Is Weight Loss A Reason For Hair Loss?

What Is Hair Fall?

The condition when a person loses more than the average number of hair or when the hair he sheds does not grow back. An average person loses in between sixty to hundred hair strands per day as part of the normal hair growth cycle. Hair loss can be caused due to innumerable reasons and can virtually affect anyone. However, losing an excess amount of hair can be distressing for anyone.

Hair loss is mostly a hereditary problem which we cannot control, but it is also caused by the lifestyle which we adopt and it is one thing which we definitely can change.

Does Weight Loss Also Cause Hair Loss?

When the weighing scale is dropping your joy knows no bounds, but then you notice the hair fall which is happening simultaneously with your weight loss. All the effort and sweat put into reducing your weight is affecting your hair more which is very saddening. But do not sweat about it. Yes, it is true that once you start to reduce your weight hair fall increases but there are reasons for it.

How Does Weight Loss Cause Hair Fall?

While good physique is the main aim for every other individual they focus on rigorous exercise and strict diets, but with their busy schedules diet is affected and the right amount of nutrients, proteins and vitamins are not recovered in the body. Body is one’s temple and one should take good care of it, along with exercise the right intake of food is also necessary. Protein is very important which people do not intake in the right amount and proportions. When the body does not receive the required nutrients it takes it from the other parts of the body.
Intake should be according to one’s body type, you must ensure that ample proteins, carbohydrates, iron and other dietary supplements are consumed daily to keep the body functioning properly. When your body feels inadequacy of nutrients, they look for other sources.
Protein is very essential especially for youngsters to help in building their body and hair growth. Intake of protein is always advisable. Lentils, cottage cheese, chia seed, oats, soya bean, beans, fish and red meat are enriched with protein and advisable for consumption. If your body still lacks protein intake there are other ways to complete protein intake such as supplements but they are required only when you need to gain a whole lot of muscle mass on your body and any regular individual requires a regular fit body so that is not a necessary.
Spinach, green vegetables, carrots, fruits, avocado, nuts, eggs all are very necessary to maintain a balanced diet. For a body to function properly all the nutrients are necessary because each cell of the body requires each and every nutrient or vitamin in some quantity to work and maintain the body processes properly and efficiently. It is necessary to limit your calories for a healthy body but if your workout is too rigorous you need to focus on your diet intake as well. Some other vital contributors to weight loss and good hair growth are zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

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What Are The Alternatives?

Rigorous workout is not the only key to good healthy body; brisk walking, yoga, light workout with a healthy balanced diet can also help you transform your body. But if you want results in a very short period of time then you need to put in a lot of hard work, determination and effort. Consistency is also another feather to the cap which one should have to get good and efficient results. But at the end it is all about what you eat.

Hair loss from weight loss is not a permanent thing if you keep in check your diet. To have a healthy body without any other complaints you should follow a proper routine which not only includes exercise and a good diet plan but also where you get to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Also a good sleeping pattern is very important for your body to function properly and recover from all the fatigue and exhaustion caused in a day due to one’s hectic schedule. Have control on yourself when it comes to oily food, junk food and unnecessary sugar in your diet.
If you are obsessed with junk food start with small proportions of healthy food as your replacement for the junk food you have. The beginning is the most important part of the work. Do the hard work and let the results speak on your behalf. Hair loss is a temporary problem when it occurs with weight loss due to sudden decline in calories which will improve and correct with the passage of time and a good healthy balanced diet.

The Bottom Line

We see that hair loss caused by weight loss is temporary. Your hair may grow at a normal pace once you stop losing weight. However, you may have to visit a dermatologist in case you feel itching, pain, redness, a burning sensation, or notice a reduction in the hair follicles. All in all, if you care for your hair and your body and regularly check your hair, you will not experience permanent hair loss.
You can, however, come up with a plan to reduce hair loss. An important thing to note here is that one should be consistent with the plan. It may take a month or so to yield the results which we can clearly notice.
A very important activity that one can do is to stay positive, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be happy always! Healthier eating options, apart from preventing hair loss, will also help us in leading a better life.

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